First Big “Arduino” Project

I got an arduino for christmas this year since I wanted to start to get into hardware engineering a bit. After fooling around a bit with the LED functions (as many people before me) I decided to jump into it with a N64 Controller to PC mod with the help of my good friend Waffle on the arduino forums. The reason arduino is in quotation marks is because this isnt really and “arduino” as much as it is an AVR microcontroller with an arduino boot loader that I interfaced (with the help of this tutorial) with a serial to usb chip. A little assembly later and a little copy and paste from another project utilizing a gamecube controller I was able to get it working:

Theres the controller in action.

Also here’s a closeup of the breadboarded arduino. I didn’t have the right capacitor for the job so youll notice I had to make a monster bundle of capacitors to compensate but it worked!

ATMega328 with an FTDI RS232 Serial to USB breakout board from Sparkfun.

All in all things went well but the processing application I used didn’t really read the inputs from the joystick very well, it was basically only on ON or OFF there’s was no sensitivity, so Mario was either running full boar or not moving, couldn’t make him walk or tiptoe!. I think more needs to be done until its playable….


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